Chinese Herbal medicine can help people seeking out better health and wellbeing without the risk of side effects or the medicine causing more harm than good.

Custom tailored herbal formulas are constructed to help you deal with a wide variety of health issues.  

Combined with Acupuncture, many people see better and faster results.

Capsules, Powders, Tonics and Pastes.  Herbal Medicine comes in many forms. Depending on the severity of the issue and formula potency.

Dr. Dugas also offers high quality Transdermal Herbal Liniments that can help those who are dealing with pain and recovery issues.  Dit Da Jow liniments can help you with inflammation along with pain from sports injuries or hard training.  Contact Dr. Dugas for more information or check out Shaolin Brand Liniments at our online shop

For more information or to make an appointment contact Dr. Dugas AP DOM MAOM Dipl. OM at  813-285-1895.