Chinese Herbal Training Formula(s)


For centuries, the Chinese people have used herbal formulas for various issues.

In today’s article I will touch on one Martial Arts training formula that can be used not only for martial arts training but for non-martial arts uses as well.

Many people have been fascinated with Iron Skills training and have seen the various external herbal liniments that are rubbed on the skin.  These liniments help protect and strengthen the tissues, tendons/ligaments, bones, and blood vessels from the impact of striking the myriad training bags used.

Some herbal formulas can be used by both martial artists as well as non-martial artists.

One such formula I would like to introduce to you is the 12 Meridian Balance Formula from Shaolin Brand.


This formula, designed for use in high level martial arts training, can be used by both martial artists and non-martial artists alike.

The herbs naturally work to support the body and brain functions by helping to balance the intrinsic energy of the body (Qi/Chi/Prana/Ruach) as well as open the Acupuncture Channels which in turn helps circulate the bodies intrinsic energies throughout the body.

When your body is unimpeded by blockages, your energy flows freely and your energy levels are unaffected. In other words, this formula helps you feel better by allowing your body to circulate blood and energy. Think of it as having the bodies plumbing flowing freely with no encumbrances.

For martial artists, this helps with blood flow and recovery, allowing circulation to not be impeded which can help cause pain and inflammation.  Used alongside Shaolin Brands Dit Da Jows, you have a dualistic effect that is greater than using a single formula whether internal (Pills) or external (Liniment).

For non-martial arts folks, this formula is great to use if you are working on internal QI Gong exercises along with any form of Yoga training, etc.  This formula can help you open and ensure your Chakras are free of blockages.

No matter the reasons of using this formula, it can help you and your martial art training as well as your Qi Gong or Yoga practice.


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