Breaking Bottom of Three Coconuts.


Combat Iron Palm training is a progressive program where you train not only the palms/hands, you train entire arm from the shoulders down to the fingers. Training consists of exercises to help strengthen the muscles, tendons and bones. You start with learning how to relax and learn how to connect with the ground vector.

Exercises that help loosen the joints of the shoulder, arms and hands come next.

Bag training comes after all the internal exercises have been performed. You do not strike the bag very hard. You learn to relax and over time your power will develop as well your ability to hit harder than before you started the program.

Medicine is used externally as well as internally to help protect the body from trauma and ill effects. The medicines used are not synthetic. Herbs are cooked in a base and this liniment is then rubbed into the hands, arms and fingers.

Internally medicines can be used if needed. Dr. Dugas, DOM AP, can custom blend an herbal powder or prescribe a specific herbal pill to maximize your training.  For more information contact 813-285-1895 . Visit