Iron Body/Iron Vest Training is a complete method of training the internal fascia as well as the external tissues of the body .  Tissue and Bone are strengthened and conditioned using internal and external methods.  

One needs balance in Combat Iron Skills training.

One trains the inside first and proceeds to training the external tissues.

This is can be done using Som Bo Gin from South Mantis Gung Fu as well as Iron Body exercises designed to strengthen the body and increase health as well as the ability to absorb physical punishment.

Once one learns and practices the material to train the internal fascia and tissues, one will be taught the Advanced Pai Da Gung Exercises.

You train the inside of the body first and then the outside.

Most schools only teach one or the other but rarely both.

The complete training  program will see you able to absorb levels of physical abuse that would harm someone untrained in these methods.

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