Dr. Dugas offers Private Instruction in Chinese Kung Fu, Combat Iron Skills (Iron Palm, Iron Arm, Iron Body, Iron Leg) and Pan Lung Baguazhang(Coiling Dragon Baguazhang), Shuai/Chin Na (Locking and Throwing), and various systems of Hei Gong/Qi Gong here in the Tampa, Florida area or at your location.

Local martial art private lessons are $100.00/hour for Chinese Gung Fu and Coiling Dragon Baguazhang and Locking and Throwing. All private Combat Iron Skills instruction is $300.00 per Combat Iron Skills program. Discounts offered if you train in two or more Iron Skills programs at one time.

Please contact Dr. DugasĀ as his private teaching schedule fillsĀ up extremely fast. Small group instruction( up to 4 people) is offered for $200.00 per hour. Contact us for larger group rates.

All Combat Iron Skills, Pan Lung Baguazhang, Chin Na/Kam Na and Qi Gong classes are also offered as workshops at your location. Costs are $700.00 per day plus non-stop airfare and hotel accommodations for a weekend course on the subject(s) of your choice.

Weekend workshop courses run on Saturday and Sundays and workshops will start at 9AM and run until lunchtime and then resume in the early afternoon.

All information presented will be gone over in detail and all questions will be answered as time allows. Handouts will be included.

No video recording allowed.

Audio recording is allowed only with explicit permission from Dr. Dugas.

For more information contact Dr. Dugas at 813-285-1895 or send an email to workshops@daledugas.com.



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