Have you ever wanted to train your body like the Shaolin Monks did in the Shaolin Temple?

My new book is chock full of training information as well as not one, but two herbal formula that can be used for training Iron Palm.  One is a formula for Dit Da Jow and the other is an herbal soak that you can use if you live in a cold part of the world.  Both formulas are written in Chinese Hanzi as well as Pinyin. You can take this book to any Chinese herbalist and they will be able to fill both formulas.

Rather than read about Mystical powers that are not real, my book is full of real training that will give you real results.


You can find my book at https://www.daledugas.com/product-category/iron-palm-book/


Give me a call at 813-915-1675 or email me directly at dr.dale@daledugas.com


Thank you.