I get many calls and emails about where does one begin their training in Iron Skills.

For much of the training you are using a bag which is full of a certain medium.

Traditionally Mung Beans are used first, as they will powder over time.

Once you have powdered your bag, one will then graduate to a bag containing something harder.

Traditionally the progression is Mung Beans, Gravel (rocks), and Iron Ore.

The bags we offer at Shaolin Brand are color coded using traditional colors you see at the Shaolin Temple. Orange (Beginner), Red (Intermediate), and Black (Advanced).

The Orange Training Bag contains Mung Beans and is the first bag used when you begin your journey down the Iron Skills path.

Shaolin Brand will also be offering training kits as well as a monthly training program in the near future.

The Training Kits will contain all you need to start your Iron Skills training as well as continue on to the Advanced Levels.

We will also be offering a monthly subscription like service where you can sign up and get your Dit Da Jow delivered to you automatically.

No need to reorder! We will take care of everything!

We will send your Dit Da Jow and/or Herbal Training Supplements to you so you do not have to stop or postpone your serious training.

Any questions? Call me at 813-285-1895 or email to dr.dale@shaolinbrand.com

Level One Training Bag