I train and teach Kwongsai Mantis Kung Fu in Tampa, Florida.

Kwongsai Mantis is also known as Southern or South Mantis.  It is a Hakka martial arts system.  It has few forms and more 2 man application drills than most Chinese martial arts systems.

First you learn how to form the Tong Long Ma Bo, which is the Mantis Horse.  A stance that is much higher and more natural than other systems which use a lower stance.

You then learn how to walk, turn and move your structure through space.

Soon after this you will be introduced to to the first “hand” of Kwongsai Mantis.  The first hand is called Mor Sao/摸手, could be translated to mean “grinding hand”, or “feeling hand”.  It is classified as a Defensive Hand.  There are 18 Buddhist Hands/Sup Bat Fut Sao/十八弗手, which are further divided into 9 Defensive Hands and 9 Offensive Hands.

Never use strength too early. Learn the material and train the correct ROM and structure before adding power to the mix.

Strength training can be easy and portable with rubber bands.  They offer a great way to train the muscles as well as holding postures to train the stablizers.

The bands will pull against you as you pull on it.  It is alive.

Dead Power is not what we want to train in Mantis.

More on that with more posts.